Park Place Center Jacksonville


Park Place Center hosts groups tailored to your needs. The most popular group includes support for combat veterans with symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This group helps veterans to re-adjust from military to civilian life. Initially, veterans attend individual sessions and then may join a group best suited for their experience. The groups provide a place to feel safe with people who can relate to your experiences and what you may be struggling with or enduring in your everyday life. All those in the group have been there and can understand. Though Ed addresses topics relevant to the group, it essentially is an opportunity of Veterans helping Veterans.

Individual, family, and group services for veterans are at no cost to the veteran. Take the first step in easing back into civilian life- regardless of how long you have been back- in a confidential and understanding setting.

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201 E. Morgan St.
Jacksonville, IL
(217) 245-1655

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